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Sea Newport will only make the call to cancel a cruise due to dangerous weather conditions. This includes but is not limited to: high winds, large sea state, fog, and lightning. Tabasco will not cancel a cruise due to rain. However, if guests do not wish to go out because of poor weather conditions, they will be able to postpone the cruise and reschedule to the next convenient and available time. If there is no possibility of rescheduling, guests will be given a full refund for the cruise. Only a representative of Charter Tabasco can approve a weather-related postponement or cancellation. Weather related postponements or cancellations will only be made on the day of the cruise, unless contacted by Charter Tabasco prior.


Guests can cancel a cruise up to 72 hours prior to leaving the dock and receive a full refund. If cancelled within 72 hours and 24 hours prior, guests will receive a refund of 50% of the price of the cruise. Any cancellation within 24 hours will incur no refund, unless cancelled by the captain for weather, safety, or unforeseen issues. Sea Newport reserves the right to cancel a trip at any time.


Unless waived by Sea Newport for exceptional circumstance, a rebooking fee of $25 will be charged to change the scheduled time of a previously booked charter. If rebooking a charter within 72 hours prior to departure, rebooking to a date outside of 72 hours waives the right to a full refund. 


Any guest consuming alcohol must be of legal drinking age. Sea Newport encourages guests to have fun and enjoy themselves and it is expected for this to be done responsibly. Belligerent, disorderly, and/or endangering guests will not be tolerated. If the captain or crew deems any guest overserved, they reserve the right to return to the dock and end the cruise without refund.  



Fishing is not allowed aboard M/V Tabasco. If you are looking for a fishing charter, we can recommend other great boats to fish on.

Swimming off of M/V Tabasco is a privilege and can be ended at anytime by the captain or crew. If a guest is unable to swim, we ask that you let your captain and crew know so we can provide you with a swimming lifejacket.  


Sea Newport discourages smoking aboard. We take a no smell approach. Vaping, e-cigarettes, etc. are allowed but to be used with caution. If we can smell it, please put it out. 

Online Store Policies

Sea Newport's online merchandise store does not accept returns. Exchanges or refunds are only available in the event of manufacturer error, including but not limited to: delivery of incorrect size, misprints, damage, etc. To start an exchange claim, email describing your item's issue and attaching photos.

Partner's Policies

Bellevue Boards

Cancellations and refunds for Bellevue Boards purchases: if you chose to cancel a Bellevue Boards purchase 5 days prior to departure, you are entitled to a full refund. Any Bellevue Boards order cancelation within 4 days and 24 hours before departure will result in 50% refund of your order. Any Bellevue Board cancellation within 24 hours of departure is nonrefundable, even if cancelled by Sea Newport. If a cruise is cancelled, guests can still arrange to pick up their board at the boat to be taken away. We appreciate your understanding.

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